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The extensive development of the United States' business productivity can be attributed to untiring energy and innovation. Inventors and entrepreneurs developed products, services, and concepts and formed Client Testimony new enterprises to produce, market, and distribute their products or services. This same entrepreneurial spirit continues to contribute to the development of the country today.

Entrepreneurs must become versed and conversant in a host of disparate risk management pitfalls or jeopardize their business futures. Many small, mid-sized and emerging firms relegate the critical work of risk management to an individual such as the plant manager or office manager who has numerous other responsibilities and often minimal expertise in the area of risk management. Some organizations have relied on their insurer, agent or broker to help fill this void. Others have simply coped with unintentional retentions, un-funded liabilities and unidentified risks as these manifested themselves. RMCS provides positive solution to this untenable situation. Our expertise allows our clients to focus on their core competencies, further facilitating growth and productivity.

Many large companies today such as insurers, agents and brokers are merging, downsizing and belt-tightening to remain competitive. Large corporations are outsourcing and relying more on small and mid-sized businesses to provide specific products or services. This has resulted in tremendous opportunities for companies having fewer than 500 employees and generating under $250 million in revenue. Although opportunities for entrepreneurs are significant, there is tremendous pressure for quality, technological competence, innovation and cost control. These businesses must deal with a myriad of rules and regulations, employment related issues and financial challenges. RMCS through its' partner, network and strategic relationships can assist you in addressing these challenges.

Consolidation and downsizing within the insurance and risk finance industries have diminished the external risk management resources available to these firms. Frequently, relationships are sacrificed in an effort to improve efficiency ratios for insurers and agents' brokers. While there are firms specializing in insurance consulting, most focus on preparing specifications and reviewing quotations. A few large firms that typically target Fortune 1000 companies offer the concept of "blended risk management" -- focusing on risk identification, quantification and management, in conjunction with Risk Control and financial analysis. RMCS recognizes that these services are also critical to the success of small, new and emerging firms and focuses on delivering professional Risk Management services to those companies.

Market Definition

The Risk Finance market is firming up at a rapid rate, due in part to underwriting losses, catastrophic property losses and a poor stock market returns. As the market continues to firm, obtaining a comprehensive program and maintaining cost stability becomes increasingly difficult for all firms. Those with sound risk management and risk control plans, and a strong market presentation are better positioned to negotiate a favorable program in a tight market. New and emerging firms and their representatives may not have experienced the last "Hard Market" cycle. Our consultants have successfully managed challenging Risk Finance programs through the cyclical market conditions and have significant industry experience on a broad range of businesses ranging from start-up to Fortune 100 companies with worldwide operations. RMCS is ideally suited to work with:

  • Emerging and Mid-Sized customers

  • Minority Business Enterprises;

  • Newly created businesses;

  • Businesses with international exposures, and;

  • Large corporations who are seeking to outsource specific responsibilities.

The most typical customers for our Services are firms in the manufacturing, technical services, healthcare or processing field. Firms that do not have a risk manager and firms that have not had an outside evaluation of their risk finance program within the past 3 years would benefit greatly from speaking with us.

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